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Feedback from Company Commanders

  • I am in downtown Baghdad with the 82nd, and I have found CC very useful.  I like to see what types of info gets posted.  I especially like the interviews. –Brandon

  • I'm in Iraq; I took over command here.  Your website was VERY helpful with my inventory, creating a command philosophy, and just getting mentally prepared for the job. –Cherly

  • I'm currently in Baghdad awaiting for someone to tell me I can come home…I owe you guys—the things I have learned from this website helped me in combat. --Rob

  • CC has been a beacon of light for so many officers...I made it almost mandatory for my leaders.  As a result, instead of "Good morning, sir!," I was approached with, "Did you see the discussion on The Warrior’s Art yesterday?" on more than one occasion. --Chris  [Reference here is to a professional book discussion in the CC forum. Read more about the CC pro-reading program]

  • I am currently in Iraq and have limited access to internet.  Still, I was able to use several items from the site to assist my change of command inventory here. --David

  • CC does make a difference for me every time I have the opportunity to surf through it. Whether I’m learning new things or being reminded of things I’ve forgotten, it is great to have peers and fellow officers posting their ideas, comments, stories, etc. --Dave

  • Guys, I discovered CC while I was in command and it was a Godsend. I was stationed at Ft Hood and the train moved fast. My unit was changing over from HHB to HSB and your site allowed me not to have to recreate a lot of data. So, you guys do make a difference, and I would like to say thanks. –Johnny

  • I have yet to read anything at CompanyCommand that does not have value.  Keep up the good work! --Bill

  • I really appreciate this web-site, and the newsletter.  I arrived in Iraq in April and have done a lot of growing up.  The web-site was a great help through some tough experiences.  Thanks. –CPT K, from IZ

  • Kudos once again.  The service you provide is priceless! Keep it up. --Jon

  • The CC team does a fantastic job. All the company commanders in our BN are members and are passing on the info/links to our PLs and incoming Co CDRs. The site is a very valuable resource, and is a great way to easily leverage our collective experience. --Jeff

  • The website is a great tool and I've downloaded countless articles and tools to help get programs in my own company started.  The site was referred to me by a company commander that I think a great deal of as a leader and I'm very pleased that I took him up on it. --Patricia

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